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SWVA Process Services
200 Pearl Ave - Unit #2203
Marion VA 24354

Primary Phone: (276) 521-5200
Alternate Phone: (276) 243-1991

Serves MUST be submitted using our online system. Register Here.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does it cost to have a serve done?

A: Our process customizes each serve request and uses many factors to generate a custom quote. This process saves our clients time and money and may vary slightly from day to day.
Instant Serve Quote We use the same form to give quotes over the phone or by email.

Q: What is the turn-around time for a serve to be done?

A: This depends on the priority of your serve request. To view our serve times, click here for Serve Times.

Q: How do I get the paperwork to you?

A: All paperwork is submitted using our online portal. You simply select the PDF file you want served and thats it. If required by the court we CAN serve originals however we will attach a copy of the documents to the request in our system.

Q: How do I pay for this service?

A: Serves can be paid online using multiple payments methods through our payment processor PayPal. You may also mail a check to our mailing address listed above. Private Investigation payments can also be paid online, however we would preferr postal money order to help maintain the itegrity of the investigation.