Services for the professional

We offer process serving services to all types of clients including: lawyers, government entities, pro se’s, corporations and insurance companies.


Personally delivering the document(s) to the person in hand.



Attaching the document(s) to the front/unit door of the persons residence.



 Delivering the document(s) to the usual place of abode to the within named person. Person receiving writ(s) must be of suitable age and discretion and reside therein.



Delivering the document(s) to the within named corporation to an officer, director or agent authorized to accept service.

We also offer

Duplicate affidavits of services
Postal searches
Skip tracing
Notary Services
Public record retrieval
Court filing services

Process Services – Timeline

For standard service, the typical time to serve papers is 1-7 days.

We will serve your documents as quickly as possible in any situation, However, some serves are given higher priority then others. Turn-around-time can vary for standard serves. However, we offer rates for the following speeds of service:


Same-Day Service

(attempted same-day if received by 4:00PM)


Rush Service

(first attempt within 1-3 days)


Routine Service

(first attempt with 1-7 days)


Serve Attempts

Some serves may only take a single attempt, or many attempts. We offer rates for the following attempts:


1 Attempt

This is offered for serves such as, on businesses, a registered agent, a records dept, etc. Where the serve will not be avoided.


1-2 Attempts

This is offered for serves such as, on businesses, a registered agents, a records dept, etc. There is a possibility that a second attempt maybe needed.


Up-To 3 Attempts

This is offered for serves such as, on persons at residences, questionable addresses, registered agents listed as a residence.


Step 1.

Register on our site!


Step 2.

Submit documents using our secure online portal.


Step 3.

Go get a coffee while our process servers take care of the rest. 


Step 4.

Get a email with a copy of our field sheet when service is complete.


Step 5.

Receive our invoice via email and pay using any major credit card or bank account using PayPal.


Step 6.

Receive the notarized affidavit of Service via email and USPS.


Documents over 30 pages are charged at $0.10/pg. 2nd attempts are charged an additional $5.00/per attempt after the first attempt.

We will send you a payable online invoice that you may pay using any major credit card or bank account. 

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Billing / payments

After we complete the serve request and send you the field sheet, we will send you an invoice you can pay instantly online using any major credit card or bank account utilizing our third-party payment system Paypal. After we receive payment, we will send you the completed affidavit of service via eMail and through USPS. If you have difficulty receiving email you can pay your invoice here.

Please only use this option if you are unable to receive our invoice via email.

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